Chaithanya Sohan/ Chai-tanya/Chai

Author, Electrical Engineer, travel addict, chocoholic & spicy food junkie, currently living in California


I am Chaithanya Sohan, an Electrical Engineer by day and an author by chance. I am currently a full time Engineer with dreams to be a full time writer at some point. I live in California with my African American husband, kid, mom and 90lbs of German Shepherd goodness named Zed. He has me by his little tail! My everyday is a cultural mix masala of African American-ness and Indian-ness which has been chronicled in the first story, An Alien in America in my book America Deconstructed.

My debut novel: America Deconstructed which will be out in 2018

My next novel: America Deconstructed part 2 or a murder mystery!

Want to know me more...Here are some fun facts:

Favorite movies: Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge & Love and Basketball!

Favorite Book as a kid: Any Enid Blyton Book and Sherlock Holmes

Favorite Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Arundhati Roy & Paulo Coelho

I was born to be: the female Michael Jordan

My alter ego: Sherly Hopkins - the female Sherlock Holmes!

My first crush: Shahrukh Khan, my first and forever, Brian Lara

My guilty pleasure: Crime shows and currently, Ear Hustle (podcast)

I'd rather be living: out of a suitcase traveling to unknown places and eating good exotic food!