The crazy world of an reluctant 'Author'

The little glint of the moonlight shone through the window breaking the stillness of the night. In the corner, a little girl strained her neck and squinted her eye under her cover trying to read the words on her book. All she had was the faint light from her flashlight. She could have turned on the light, but she refused to be busted by her parents. This was her little secret! That little girl was me. As long as I can remember, books have created a world beyond the tiny lanes of my home in India. I led a very busy life. Besides being a typical school going kid with homeworks and exams, I was leading a double life solving mysteries ala Enid Blyton books and Sherlock Holmes. I did not know then years later I would write a book. My dreams then were very typical of any middle class Indian kid. I wanted to be an engineer or doctor. I also knew books and words would always be a big part of my tiny world.


I did not dare dream about becoming an author even in my wildest and craziest dream. Trust me when I say I have dreamt several dreams which would be deemed ‘not normal’ in the normal world. I knew becoming an author was even more wilder than those dreams. Yet, here I am few months away from having my first book released. Five years back I began this journey to write my first novel. Three years of absolutely positive rejections, and almost having a contract and agent twice, here I am on the cusp of seeing my name on a book. As I contemplated writing this blog, I googled on what authors blog about. After hours of research, I realized I did not want to be like X, Y or Z. I am an author with an Engineering degree- that’s not typical so I am hoping my bloggy ramblings can be atypical too.  I am hoping this website can give my readers a behind the scenes look into my book, my journeys and more importantly me- the crazy, restless, reluctant ‘author- engineer’!